Rules for shooting

Just to remind one and all the requirements to shoot at Elsham

  1. Own Insurance – The club do not provide insurance cover – You must be a current member of NFAS which provides you with insurance cover, providing you are shooting according to their rules, in addition to any applicable club rules.
  2. More than 1 person – Solo shooting is not permitted anywhere on site, this is made clear in the club rules.
  3. Club membership – Archers need to be a member of the club, or signed in as a guest and shooting with a club member. We do not offer a “Pay and Play” option.
  4. Range Fees – Range fees must be paid, these are currently £1 for Juniors and Seniors, £2 for Adults and £5 for Guests. Range fees no longer provide you with insurance – See point 1.

If you in any doubt that you comply with the above rules, you probably don’t! Please do not shoot, instead contact a member of the committee for clarification, contact details can be found here.