Field Archery

Field archery involves shooting in a wood at 3D foam animals set out in natural settings at unknown distances. The skill of the archer is to judge that distance and to identify the kill spot on the animal, which is where you should aim to place your arrow. Field archery differs to target archery as it is generally conducted in small groups who follow a pre laid course around the woods, shooting at the targets from a peg. These pegs are placed so as to make the shot challenging for the archer in a number of ways, the archer may have to shoot around the natural obstacles of the wooded environment, and the terrain (slopes, ditches and dead ground) are often used to make estimating the distance more difficult. Archers can use a wide range of bows and styles to shoot “field”, from traditional wooden bows, american flat bows and target style recurve bows, through to modern compound bows, and in some cases the use of a sight on your bow is permitted. In order to ensure a fair competition, archers are divided into groups based on the style they shoot, so you only compete with archers shooting a similar bow to yourself.