Club Rules


1.  The whole club shall be known as Anchor Bowmen of Scunthorpe.

2.  The Club constitutes two sections, the Anchor Bowmen of Scunthorpe (Target) and The 100 Yard Field Archery Club, and, any member belonging to any of the club sections will be expected to adhere to the following:

3.  All members of Anchor Bowmen of Scunthorpe will abide by the rules and regulations set down by NFAS, and will, on attending our outdoor venue at Elsham Activity Centre, Moor Farm, Elsham, abide by the rules of the site, and the instructions of the staff of Elsham Activity Centre.

4.  Each member agrees to pay the agreed annual subscription and target fees to Anchor Bowmen, to be paid into the clubs account, “club funds”.

5.  The yearly subscription/target fee to be paid by each member to be the decision of the members at the appropriate members meeting (e.g. the Annual General Meeting) and will stand for one year.

6.  All members will have access to the account book for inspection, on request to the treasurer.

7.  An account record will be available to each member at the Annual General Meeting.

8.  All club officials will be voted to office by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

9.  Officials will stand for one year at which time they must stand for re-election by the members.

10.  If any member wishes to place themselves forward to stand for any committee post within the Anchor Bowmen / The 100 Yard Field Archery Club may do so under the following conditions:
– The Member must apply in writing at least two weeks before a meeting or AGM.
– They must be up to date with their payment of Club Subscriptions.
– They must have by proposed and seconded by Club members, who must themselves be fully paid up members of the club. The nomination/application will then be included in the next appropriate meeting, where the membership will be allowed to discuss and vote on the said nomination.

11.  Any member who : –
– Is found acting in an unsafe manner.
– Is thought to be making themselves a general nuisance to others.
– Is thought to be/has been caught being destructive of club equipment.
– Is found to be cheating on scores.
– Fails to abide by the rules of either NFAS or the Anchor Bowmen.
– Is found not to have paid their subscriptions as required by the Club Rules.

The Member involved may be subject to the following:
– Will have one verbal warning, from one of the club officials.
– If the offending member does not then abide by the club rules, they will be suspended from all club activities. A meeting will be called to decide the level of disciplinary action to be taken e.g. a fine or club membership being withdrawn.

12.  Anyone wishing to join Anchor Bowmen must be proposed by a paid up member and seconded by one other. They may use the club’s equipment under the terms of the Beginners Taster and Training Course (usually a period of approximately seven weeks). On the eighth week the new member would be required to join, via an Annual Subscription, The Anchor Bowmen / The 100 Yard Club. It would also then be expected that the new member would attempt to purchase their own equipment e.g. Bow, arrows, guards etc. as soon as that would be practical.

13.  Elsham Activity Centre, Moor Farm, Elsham – outdoor shooting venue

a) All flags, tapes and warning signs must be in place before any shooting starts.
b) No junior will be allowed to shoot at any venue unless supervised by a senior archer.
c) If at any time any person is walking in the line of fire, in front, to the side or to the rear of the targets within a probable range of arrows all shooting will cease until that person is clear. This also applies to any stray animals.

14.  No juniors will be allowed to turn up at any venue / ask to join / join in a “have a go” session unless their Guardian/Parent accompanies them. Initially it would be expected that the Parent/Guardian stay and supervise their ward over the period of the Training Stage with the Club. If the Junior Member/s and their Parent/Guardian agree that the Junior/s join the club, although the ideal situation would be for the Junior/s to continue to be supervised by their own Parent/Guardian, the Club will, after appropriate discussions and on receipt of a letter from the said Parent/Guardian giving their written permission for each junior stating that they agree to their son/daughter being allowed to shoot under the supervision of a club senior archer.

15.  Any monies, to be spent on behalf of/for the club by any member must first be agreed upon by at least two of the senior Club Committee Members, e.g. the Chairman, Secretary, or Treasurer. All withdrawals from the Anchor Bowmen bank account must have two of the nominated signatures from the Secretary, Treasurer or Chairman on all cheques. All entries and withdrawals will be entered into the club account log book.

16.  It is the duty of any member to make a reasonable attempt to pay any Subscriptions’, or target fees, that are outstanding. However the Club recognizes that any member, either due to sickness, unemployment or an extended period of work related shifts may have some difficulties achieving this aim. All we, the Committee, would ask is that the member affected contact any of the Senior Members of the Committee to discuss a suitable arrangement for both Club and Member(s).

17.  The Club and it’s Committee reserve the right that, should any member not attend, or contact the club, for any extended period (that period being decided upon by the Club and its Committee as circumstances dictate) may be contacted by a nominated member of the Club Committee by whatever means deemed appropriate (be that letter, Telephone, e-mail etc.) to clarify whether the said member/s still wish to remain members of the club or whether the Club can support them in any useful form. If any Subscriptions/Fees remain outstanding, the Club and its Committee reserve the right to, if the situation demands, suspend or cancel any individual/s membership. The Club also reserves the right, should it be necessary, to charge a re-entry fee of £10.00.

18.  No bosses or stands can be loaned out to any member, as this could lead to a shortage of equipment at the club.

19.  It is every member’s responsibility to sign the log book, on each visit to our club venues. This to be done before any shooting starts.

SOLO Shooting

20. Shooting alone is permitted, providing the the following additional conditions are adhered to:

  • You have informed the club Secretary that you may wish to Shoot alone, and understand the additional dangers associated with this (EG: There is no-one to raise the alarm in the event of an incident).
  • You shoot only from designated pegs, roaming shots ARE NOT PERMITTED AT ALL. You may think you are the only archer in the woods, however this may not be the case.
  • You wear a high visibility vest whilst in the woods, and carry another such vest to be placed over the target in the event you need to search for an arrow behind the target.