Club News – Delay of AGM

The AGM which normally takes place at the end of January has been deferred until the end of March, there are 2 main reasons for this:

  • There is little new to report at present
  • The move ties the club “year” to the NFAS membership year – Ending on the 31st March annually.Remember you need to be a NFAS member in order to be insured to shoot at the club. You need to renew your NFAS membership by this date, a current NFAS card will need to be shown when renewing club membership.

Your current membership will be extended until the 31st March 2018 at no extra charge.

If you have any questions or concerns please drop me a line

Club news and update

Just a few notes to update you on a few things at the club

  • Club subs are now overdue – Rates are the same as last year. Please send a cheque to the club secretary, or pay the next time you are at the woods.
  • The archery range is now run by the Elsham Activity Centre / Elsham Archery Club – please join this club if you want to use the archery range.
  • You still need to sign in and pay when using the woods, there is a small tent containing the book etc. Please sign in when using the woods.
  • There have been changes to they layout of the woods, please pay attention to tape and arrows. Don’t cross into areas which are taped or roped off.
  • The ground is fairly saturated at the moment, try to park near to the woods as you come through the activity centre’s car park. If you need to park elsewhere, keep as close to the porta cabins as you can, as this is the driest and highest land.


2017 Committee Nominations

As previously detailed, nominations have now closed for positions on the club committee

Nominations have been received from

Chris Babb – current Chairman, to stand as Chairman.

Rich Pearson – current Secretary, to stand as Secretary.

Gary Mathison – to stand as Treasurer.

Since all of the positions are uncontested, there is no need to vote, however if you wish to register your support for the candidates and are unable to attend the AGM, please feel free to email the club secretary.

2017 AGM and other News

Dear Member

As you may already have heard through the bush telegraph, our landlord (Jon at Elsham Activity Centre) has decided that he wishes to run the Target Archery Range as a part of his other activities at Elsham. He has set up a club, which will operate along very similar lines to ours, and which provides insurance cover as part as the overall cover his business has in place for his paint ball and quad biking customers.

Details can be found here and here

We are still in discussion about the details of the plan, but Jon is pushing this forward as he thinks it will be more profitable running it as part of his business instead of the club effectively being his main customer. It is true to say that his income from archery has dropped this year when compared to last year, and this drop in income is as a direct result of fewer people using the facilities.

For most people, there will be little change except for the person to be paid, the facilities and access appear to be very similar to what is currently offered with perhaps a few new faces on the shooting line.

For field archers, the 100 yard club will continue in the same form as it is now, the only changes will be the facilities will all be based in the woods – We hope to put in a practice range and become totally self sufficient.

If you wish to shoot Field and Target, it looks as if you will have to join both clubs, though this is something still to be fully understood.

With respect to the AGM and election of the committee, the AGM will take place on 30th January 2017 at a location to be confirmed – but is likely to be in the Elsham / Barton area.

If anyone wishes to volunteer for the committee, please feel free to do so, details will appear on the news section of the web site. Phill, the current treasurer will be stepping down, and I wish to take this opportunity to thank him for his efforts over the last few years, especially for getting the bank account under control.

If you have anything you want to discuss at the AGM, this must be put in writing (email is fine) to the secretary by 23rd January 2017, this just allows the AGM to follow an agenda, and gives sufficient time to discuss matters.

The timescales for the election of officers are as follows:

26th December 2016 – Nominations Open

9th January 2017 Details of those nominated and seconded, and details supporting their nomination will be published on the club web site.

23rd January 2017 – Closing date for people to vote via email and post (to the secretary)

30th January 2017 – AGM Held, including the election.

I would request that you all email me with regard to the following 2 questions.

If you want to attend the AGM, please let me know so I can give a rough idea of numbers to the venue

If you no longer wish to be a member of the club, I’d appreciate a quick email just to help with planning etc.

Please feel free to contact me, I’ll do my best to answer your questions, however for details of the new Target archery club, you are best contacting them directly, contact details are at the bottom of the web site.


AGM Proposal

Commitee Application


Range Fees

It has come to the attention of the committee that people are using the club facilities without payment. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Anyone found not complying with this will be asked to leave, and may be barred from joining the club in the future.

Facilities are for the use of club members only (the only exception being that they are sometimes used by the Elsham activity centre).

Additionally some people are not paying the full amount, range fees are as follows.

Juniors / Seniors £1
Adults £2
Guests £5

Failure to pay means that the Landowner and the club is in effect loosing money, which is a situation that puts the future of the present facilities under threat.

Rules for shooting

Just to remind one and all the requirements to shoot at Elsham

  1. Own Insurance – The club do not provide insurance cover – You must be a current member of NFAS which provides you with insurance cover, providing you are shooting according to their rules, in addition to any applicable club rules.
  2. More than 1 person – Solo shooting is not permitted anywhere on site, this is made clear in the club rules.
  3. Club membership – Archers need to be a member of the club, or signed in as a guest and shooting with a club member. We do not offer a “Pay and Play” option.
  4. Range Fees – Range fees must be paid, these are currently £1 for Juniors and Seniors, £2 for Adults and £5 for Guests. Range fees no longer provide you with insurance – See point 1.

If you in any doubt that you comply with the above rules, you probably don’t! Please do not shoot, instead contact a member of the committee for clarification, contact details can be found here.

Prep for Club Open Shoot – 4th June

In order to allow safe access to the woods for the final preparations for the open shoot this coming Sunday (5th June), the woods will be closed to Archers on the 4th. The practice range will be available for all to use as usual.

If you can help with the work in the woods (mainly cutting foilage and marking the route, plus placing some targets) the arrive at 10am.

The woods are only closed this coming weekend (4th and 5th), they are available as normal after this weekend.


Change to Membership Requirements – NFAS membership

As you are probably already aware, as part of a discussion on the insurance cover provided by the club, a wider discussion took place that suggested that members are required to be a member of an archery organisation which provides insurance cover. The organisation which was seen by the membership as most appropriate was NFAS.

A consultation period during which members could discuss this implications and possible alternatives has now come to an end, with no-one contacting the committee to voice concerns or questions over this change.

This consultation is now over, and as such it is now a requirement for all members to join NFAS.

What does this mean?

In real terms there will be no noticeable changes at the club, the woods and walk back areas will remain unchanged, and open for all to use (subject to you having already been approved to shoot in the woods). The Target range will be known as the “Practice Area”, and the layout of the bosses may change (the 6 new bosses set out at 10 metre intervals between 20 and 70 metres), plus perhaps a small number of 3D targets set out on this area. You are free to shoot at any target face you wish, there is no stipulation by NFAS or the club that the target face should be a “field” target.

What happens next?

The club has its own insurance until 1st June 2016, so until then things will be exactly as they are now. In the run up to this date a number of things will occur.

  • The club rules and constitution will be reviewed and updated where necessary.
  • The club will run a number of sessions (details to provided in the future) to ensure that you need the requirements for NFAS membership (we don’t foresee many problems with this), but a club official DOES need to sign your initial NFAS application.
  • It is suggested that you familiarise yourself with the rules of NFAS (see link in the section below “About NFAS”)

About NFAS

NFAS is a national body representing and promoting field archery. You join them direct (rather than through the club), and renew each year. Costs are competitive (Junior £10, Adult £20, Family £40, Associate member £5)

  • Main Web Site can be found here
  • Application form can be found here
  • Rules can be found here

When must this be done by?

The clubs’ insurance runs out 1st June 2016, members will only be used on and after this date providing they have a valid NFAS card, members not meeting this requirement will be asked to no longer attend until they can provide proof of membership (and therefore insurance). Clearly shooting without insurance is a serious breach of rules, and will be dealt with severely. Please do not “chance it”, I’m sure you take a dim view of people driving without insurance, this is just the same.

What are the benefits?

The main advantages are the insurance cover provided by NFAS is far more encompassing than that provided by the club, and for a nominal fee.
You would also (should you wish) be able to attend NFAS open shoots, again there is no pressure or expectation for members to do this, but you could exercise this privilege.