Club news and update

Just a few notes to update you on a few things at the club

  • Club subs are now overdue – Rates are the same as last year. Please send a cheque to the club secretary, or pay the next time you are at the woods.
  • The archery range is now run by the Elsham Activity Centre / Elsham Archery Club – please join this club if you want to use the archery range.
  • You still need to sign in and pay when using the woods, there is a small tent containing the book etc. Please sign in when using the woods.
  • There have been changes to they layout of the woods, please pay attention to tape and arrows. Don’t cross into areas which are taped or roped off.
  • The ground is fairly saturated at the moment, try to park near to the woods as you come through the activity centre’s car park. If you need to park elsewhere, keep as close to the porta cabins as you can, as this is the driest and highest land.