Today’s Work Party

A quick note of thanks to all who helped with getting a few jobs done around the woods.

  • All the pegs have been checked and replaced as needed, and they all have a nice new coat of paint.
  • A new pit Shot (Peg 18) has been completed with steps and a platform.
  • The signage has been refreshed ahead of the open shoot, hopefully it should be easy to navigate the course!
  • 2 new sets of steps have been placed to give a different perspective for a couple of other shots. Use of these steps is not mandatory, use them if you wish.
  • The paths have been cleared of overhanging brambles.

There are a few jobs still outstanding, mainly re-banding of bosses, we hope to get this done during the long Easter weekend. The woods will not be closed, be please be extra aware of people working in the woods, and you may find a peg or 2 not available if the backstop is being repaired.

Club News – March 2016

Car Parking

The Landlord has earmarked the area in front of the portacabins for further development, therefore the car park will be more compact in area, roped off and accessed via the “summer” route – EG: between the house and the storage containers NOT through the paintballers car park. This change is effective immediately. As the ground is currently soft, please park as high up the field (nearest the house and garden) as possible, whilst leaving enough room for vehicles to move.

Membership Fees

Fees are now due, please pay them at your earliest convenience, this can by cheque to Rich by post if this suits you. Membership cards will be available from next weekend (19th March)

Work Party

A reminder that the work party will attend to some work in the woods on 19th March and the woods will be closed, until around 2pm. Volunteers should arrive for 10am.

If you have any questions, just drop Rich a line.