Change to Membership Requirements – NFAS membership

As you are probably already aware, as part of a discussion on the insurance cover provided by the club, a wider discussion took place that suggested that members are required to be a member of an archery organisation which provides insurance cover. The organisation which was seen by the membership as most appropriate was NFAS.

A consultation period during which members could discuss this implications and possible alternatives has now come to an end, with no-one contacting the committee to voice concerns or questions over this change.

This consultation is now over, and as such it is now a requirement for all members to join NFAS.

What does this mean?

In real terms there will be no noticeable changes at the club, the woods and walk back areas will remain unchanged, and open for all to use (subject to you having already been approved to shoot in the woods). The Target range will be known as the “Practice Area”, and the layout of the bosses may change (the 6 new bosses set out at 10 metre intervals between 20 and 70 metres), plus perhaps a small number of 3D targets set out on this area. You are free to shoot at any target face you wish, there is no stipulation by NFAS or the club that the target face should be a “field” target.

What happens next?

The club has its own insurance until 1st June 2016, so until then things will be exactly as they are now. In the run up to this date a number of things will occur.

  • The club rules and constitution will be reviewed and updated where necessary.
  • The club will run a number of sessions (details to provided in the future) to ensure that you need the requirements for NFAS membership (we don’t foresee many problems with this), but a club official DOES need to sign your initial NFAS application.
  • It is suggested that you familiarise yourself with the rules of NFAS (see link in the section below “About NFAS”)

About NFAS

NFAS is a national body representing and promoting field archery. You join them direct (rather than through the club), and renew each year. Costs are competitive (Junior £10, Adult £20, Family £40, Associate member £5)

  • Main Web Site can be found here
  • Application form can be found here
  • Rules can be found here

When must this be done by?

The clubs’ insurance runs out 1st June 2016, members will only be used on and after this date providing they have a valid NFAS card, members not meeting this requirement will be asked to no longer attend until they can provide proof of membership (and therefore insurance). Clearly shooting without insurance is a serious breach of rules, and will be dealt with severely. Please do not “chance it”, I’m sure you take a dim view of people driving without insurance, this is just the same.

What are the benefits?

The main advantages are the insurance cover provided by NFAS is far more encompassing than that provided by the club, and for a nominal fee.
You would also (should you wish) be able to attend NFAS open shoots, again there is no pressure or expectation for members to do this, but you could exercise this privilege.

Subs Now Due

A gentle reminder to club members that subs are now due.

This year there is no need to fill in an application form, unless your details have changed in the last year. Please pay the secretary, Rich, by either Cash or Cheque (made payable to “The Anchor Bowmen of Scunthorpe”) as your earliest convenience. New membership cards will be issued shortly.

Subs remained this year, as follows:

Adult : £30
Senior / Junior : £20
Family : £45

Thanks in advance for your co-operation.



2016 AGM

Please find a copy of the minutes of the 2016 AGM here , this is an effort to improve the openness of the club which was suggested at the AGM could be improved. If you have any feedback / corrections to these minutes, please inform the secretary.

If you have not yet heard there was only 1 application for each of the committee posts, so the members of the committee are as follows:

Chairman – Chris Babb
Secretary – Rich Pearson
Treasurer – Phill Brown

The club wish to thank Ian Staines for his chairmanship of the club for around 18 months, and his assistance in steering the club through some difficult times.

Open Shoot, Work Party and other dates for your diary

The Committee has ear-marked the 5th June for the Club’s NFAS Open shoot (The first of hopefully 2 we will try to run this year)

In order to prepare for the above, there is some housekeeping needed in the woods, to this end there will be a work party (and the woods will be unavailable) on the 19th March.

Work which needs attention includes

  • Checking and improving the signage around the woods.
  • Place a second set of pegs on most of the shots, and refresh the paint / tape on the existing pegs.
  • Replace the small targets on pegs 2,3 and 14
  • Replace bridge access to Peg 4
  • Recover a boss near peg 17, repair it and redeploy it to peg 14
  • Repair 4 bosses in the woods (just need re-banding and staking back)
  • Checking that all backstops and targets are secured firmly – Address any Defects
  • Possible bridge at Peg 9, allowing arrows to be recovered.
  • Digging Pit Shots
  • Building a platform for the final peg, a pit shot.

If there is a particular job you can help with, drop the secretary an email and he will pencil you in to do that – First come first served though!

The container will also be tidied so that we can take stock of the targets we have available. At the same time the container will be tidied out. If you stored anything in the container which you want back / don’t want to be thrown away if its immediate use isn’t obvious, can you please contact the committee to remove it prior to 13th February.