Club News

In response to a number of items raised at a recent committee meeting I thought I’d give you the following update.

  • Chairman – Due to no members being forthcoming to stand for election as Chairman Ian has agreed to remain in the role until the AGM when all posts on the committee are up for re-election. The club cannot function without a committee, so please consider if you can spend a little time putting something back into the club and sport, I’m sure if you have any questions the members of the committee will be only to happy to answer them.
  • NFAS Sign off – If you wish to consider shooting in NFAS competitions in the near future, please get in touch in the first instance with myself. Ian can sign off applications¬†but needs to see you shoot before doing so, provisionally Ian should be free to do this, give your name to me if you are interested in getting signed off.
  • Woods – Limited Sunday Access – The woods ARE NOT available to anyone from the club on the third Sunday of the month as they are in use by people doing air-soft, which is similar to paint-balling but (apparently) the guns have a greater range. You are free to use the target range on the top field.
  • Club Field Competition ¬†– Following a suggestion from a member, I’m looking into running an in house field shoot for fun, and to give those who don’t use the woods that often a chance to try it out. I’m looking for people interested in taking part, plus more experienced field archers to show them the ropes. This will probably take place on a Saturday in mid to late September, subject to sufficient interest – please pass your details to me if you are interested.

New Bosses have arrived

The club has invested in 6 new large bosses for the Target range.

These have now arrived and have been installed by the “Grass cutting crew” who have also made new frames for the bosses.

Below are a couple of photographs of them in all there glory. Enjoy, and try not to hit the frames!